Supply chain research proposal

We Want to Hear From You. Within this framework are four main drivers affecting supply chain design, all of them interrelated: This model typically is for a very mature supply chain with a customer demand profile that has little variation.

In the present scenario, it can be used particularly to understand the applicability of the traceability system in the Nigerian grain sector. A lead-time order cycle could create demand peaks, and thus break up the continuous flow.

Lab exhibits promote traceability and safety.

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This DTTM system is quite significant for supply chain concept as it helps in providing capability of tracing not only the end item but also the component of these items continuously and properly. Mainly, such data would be collected from Nigerian food and agricultural management databases in addition to other available documentary evidence.

Purpose of the Study Main purpose of this paper is to identify how to use traceability in supply chain. As a result, the main driver of competitiveness is the reduction of market mediation costs.

The order-entry system should be detailed and accurate as well as user-friendly to ensure, respectively, a clear understanding of customers' requirements, and that it will be easy to use from the customer's perspective.

Consequently, the price becomes largely irrelevant to the customer. This list does, however, provide some ideas and perhaps a roadmap for a supply chain organization that is striving to be viewed as valued and relevant to its parent company.

The questionnaire would be administered to Nigerian companies involved in the food supply chain.

Research Proposal on Supply Chain Management

As suggested by the overview in Figure 4, it does so by identifying the key drivers of business strategy, and then helping managers understand how those drivers would align in a coherent way with each of the six generic supply chains. All these sectors are carefully coordinated to ensure timely and orderly pickup and delivery of goods from the producer to the end customer.

Supply chain strategies: Which one hits the mark?

In this phase, companies use RFID tags on small samples and try to establish more understanding to full utilization of this technology. Alex Hill and Terry Hill.

This article will describe each supply chain type and will outline the criteria for adopting them, thereby helping to answer one of the most frequently recurring questions among supply chain executives: This has over the years led to the need and gradual formalization and implementation of the quality frameworks traceability Kim et al.

An active governing council creates an opportunity for business unit leaders to provide the supply chain management leadership with information regarding future strategies and projects.

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The "efficient" supply chain model The efficient supply chain is best suited to industries that are characterized by intense market competition, with several competitors fighting for the same group of customers who may not perceive major differences in their value proposals.

Yet it also can be an area where organizations are more likely to fail. Simultaneous capabilities, or multiple supply chains. The improvement in the Operational, Economic and Environmental Performance of an Organization after incorporating Green measures in the supply chain process, would be the key measurable in the research.

That may seem self-evident, but I have seen more than a few companies buy first and figure things out later. They are best suited to one of three supply chain types—"efficient," "fast," and "continuous-flow"—that are best able to maximize asset utilization: The various secondary sources of information would also be utilized to compare the responses from the samples against the prominent well accepted researches in this field.

The SKU portfolio should be trimmed back to reduce the number of "high variation, low demand" SKUs, which create complexity in production and service. Roadmap for relevance The 10 best practices described above do not represent a complete list of every action that top-tier supply chain management leaders are engaging in now.

David Ketchen and Tomas Hult, "Bridging organization theory and supply chain management: Consequently, the production workload can match demand through a continuous-replenishment model based on a "make to stock" decoupling point, where production is scheduled to replenish predefined stock levels based on a specified reorder point for inventory in the production cycle.

Management should focus on ensuring agility, which is supported by two main capabilities: Working closely with the raw material manufactures and other suppliers actively involved in the supply chain, would enable in gradual reduction and elimination of the product environmental impacts.

They find a way to use technology to produce beneficial information without having to perform various "work-arounds" to extract and view the data.

A circulation of counterfeit goods can otherwise become extremely complicated and is often associate with a considerable loss of value. Consequently, a continuous-replenishment model is inappropriate.

Strategic sourcing is a cornerstone of successful supply chain management. Ability to track and trace commodities helps ensure supply chain security. Nov 12,  · A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, technology, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.

Supply chain activities transform natural resources, raw materials and components into a finished product that is delivered to the end customer. In sophisticated supply chain systems, used products may re-enter the supply.

For this research project, research Topic is “The Use of Traceability in Supply Chain”. Introduction Supply chain is an important aspect for any business as it is related with transfer of raw material into finished goods that is used by customers.

After that, definition of supply chain and its integration are described. My discussion will generate research questions and a purpose for this thesis which will end this chapter. Background. The importance of supply chain management (SCM) and information technology are increased day by day.

Research Proposal on Supply Chain Management March 1, writer Research Proposals 0 Supply chain management is the complex of actions and policies which are aimed at the on time delivery of the materials and products to the consumer. Jun 16,  · Following is the list of different research/thesis topics to help the students understand the various types of research topics in the field of supply chain management.

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Supply Chain Management Research/Thesis Topics.

Supply chain research proposal
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